12 years of visual and written storytelling has allowed Meghan to preserve real moments of unique events and individuals. From national disaster sites, to adoption, homelessness, and now your living room, she's captured the strength, beauty, and humor of people around the globe.

There are few things more sacred than watching a family grow together and develop the unique rhythm only it can replicate. It's the photos of dinner preparation, messy hair and messier aprons, and tiny, berry stained, fingers clutching adult sized objects.

One day those little hands will be strong and capable enough to grasp anything within reach, and investing in documentary photography allows you to remember when they could not.

W H A T   I S   

D O C U M E N T A R Y  

P H O T O G R A P H Y ?

Documentary family photography captures the beauty of real families in their everyday moments, unposed, and without direction from the photographer. This gives you the freedom to be yourself and simply enjoy your time with those you love most.

Journalism ascribes to raw emotion and truthfulness. 

Those plans for color-coded outfits, stiff poses, and perfectly styled hair? Fuggetaboutit. The mismatched separates, teenage angst, lego-littered floor, and windswept hair are welcome! Let's embrace the beauty of life's imperfection and celebrate your individuality -- because there is no other family quite like yours. 

Let's begin building your experience today. Onward!

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