"As a child," dad began, "I cut grass for neighbors who had traveled the country in covered wagons. Now they've all gone on and, foolishly, I never thought to write down the stories they shared." 

The passage of time has only strengthened my father's lament, and my resolve, which compels me to honor and preserve history through both written and visual storytelling. 

But documentation is more than mere writing and shutter actuations; it's an abiding love of truth, and understanding, and immersion. 

What is documentary photography?

Documentary Photography captures families in their everyday moments, unposed and without direction from the photographer. 

This gives you the freedom to simply be yourself and enjoy your time with those you love most. 

Those plans for color coordinated outfits and perfectly styled hair? Fuggetabout it. The mismatched separates, lego-littered floor, teenage angst, and windswept hair are welcome. 

When I join you for a documentary session, I'm searching for the moments that make us human: apathy, joy, connection, sincerity, humor, trepidation, pain, disconnect, wonder, curiosity. 

And more specifically, those which reveal the essence of who you are and the season of life you're in. 

In the midst of anticipating those frames I'm also moving around, lying upside-down here, hovering above your couch there, crouching between bushes, or perhaps peering through a window. 

(It's less creepy than it sounds, I promise.) 

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