Empathy is a powerful agent, and my affinity for those battling illness is fueled by my lifelong goal of total wellness. 

Disease has steered my life down a specific path, but I know my course is not less purposeful than that of someone with fewer physical struggles. And yours isn't either. 

When afflicted physically, one's life is dictated in large part by numbers: 

white blood cell count, enzyme levels, 3 refills, copay vs. deductible, 30% blockage, systolic over diastolic....

But a set of numbers that shouldn't affect you?

The cost of your family's photos.

Photography should be accessible to all. 

 I offer a special rate for families living with disability and chronic illness.

I know what it is to stare at five-digit medical debt and wonder how it will be paid before next year's doctor bills. 

But I also know the pain of showing up in 1 out of every 100 album photos. 

Believe me. 

It matters that someone photographs you with those you love.

In the midst of all you endure hope, goodness, and love prevail. 

And when you allow me into your day I'm given the opportunity to remind you of that.

I travel at no cost within 40 miles of Arlington, Texas. Travel and lodging fees are calculated for distances in excess of 40 miles from my home.

[Do you know someone who is unable to pay a reduced medical documentary rate? Please email me at: to nominate them for a complimentary medical documentary session. I award three of these special sessions annually.]

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